Photography has always been one of my hobbies growing up, as well as being a keen active sportsman. I am self taught, but have attended various training courses, run by Andy Griffin, a well known Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in North Essex, as well as Paula Fowler, owner of Paul’s Studio in Southend-on-Sea.

This is where I got to learn different techniques, using strobe lighting from shooting in a studio environment, to shooting out on location. My love of sport though has led me to be heavily involved with local Sports Clubs in the Essex area, as a photographer, taking 1000’s of images, capturing the right moment to reflect the occasion and creating memories for both clubs and players.

It’s through these clubs that I’ve been fortunate enough for some of my images to have been used on greeting cards, which have appeared nationally in Clinton Cards and Marks & Spencer as well as in many publications including The Daily Telegraph Online, the Echo Newspaper in Essex as well as BBC Essex on line.

I am always interested in any sporting events that may benefit from my photography to create those memories.


Aside from Sports Photography, I am now focusing on Portraiture & Pet Photography, Corporate Head Shots as well as covering many Events. 

To help me to excel in my passion for photography, I only use Nikon camera equipment & lenses.

With regards to capturing all that fast moving action, I own a Nikon D5, which is Nikon’s “flagship” full frame DSLR, and shoots up to 12 fps! This has a 20.8 megapixel CMOS sensor, which is great for shooting in extreme low light situations. The new image and metering sensors deliver phenomenally accurate subject recognition and image detail. The highest expanded sensitivity in Nikon’s history frees me to shoot from bright sunlight to astronomical twilight, enabling me not to miss that moment!


I have invested in the new Nikon Z9 as well as the Z6ii. The Z9 is a full frame, 45.7 megapixel mirrorless camera to my collection. This camera has astounding speed, which  is able to shoot up to 120 fps, unparalleled precision, phenomenal detail, whether shooting stills or video.

The Z 9 flagship mirrorless camera helps me achieve flawless images without fail. Whether it’s news, sports, fashion, reportage, events and so on. The Z6ii is a versatile full-frame mirrorless camera which gives me the imaging power to create faster, sharper, and more fluid images.Great for both stills & video.

Nikon’s mirrorless system is built around the world’s widest lens mount, which lets you capture more light. With more light, comes more detail, more depth, more colour, incredible photos & mesmerising movies.


My collection consists only of Nikon prime lenses, ranging from a NIKKOR 35mm up to a NIKKOR 500mm. I also have a  few Zoom Lenses, to help me work in confined space should the situation arise. This enables me to capture all the action from Sports & Action, People & Places, Nature & Wildlife, Street Photography, Corporate Events, Landscapes & Travel.

As I have now entered into the world of Portraiture, I have invested in the latest Profoto B1X On-Location Kit. This consists of 2 x cordless battery powered  flash heads which offers both TTL metering as well as HSS. This is a reliable workhorse and set up, which I can bring to any on-location assignment.

It is important to me to work with two cameras, hence having various lenses, as sport can be fast moving, and you need to be able to capture the right moment, whether the action is far away or close by. Having these various focal length lenses means that I am well catered for, being versatile in order to adapt to the changing conditions of the game or event, making sure that I get that vital image. Also by possessing these various focal length lenses, it enables me to capture those group shots, whether it be at an indoor event or out on location taking individual portraits.

With regards to the above all my images are “shot” in “Raw“, which is a file that captures all image data recorded by the camera’s sensor. This  allows for much more editing than in jpeg files, giving the client a higher level of quality & detail in the final processed image.

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